Lugano, Switzerland

Good Morning!

I’m so excited about today’s post! This is the second part in our European adventure, so if you missed the first part you can read it HERE. I don’t know about y’all, but I had never heard of Lugano, Switzerland before this trip. Taylor found it on the map while we were planning our itinerary and told me that he really wanted to stop here. I was hesitant at first, but I’m so thankful that we made time for this incredible city. We took the train out of Zurich, and rode 2 hours through the Swiss Alps to get here.

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It was BEAUTIFUL. If you’re wanting to visit Switzerland and have some time to spare between the major cities, I’d highly recommend Lugano. In fact, I enjoyed it more than Zurich! There was so much charm and it was the perfect escape.


There was so much to see and do here! You could hike, eat, walk around the streets, swim, ride a boat, etc. Taylor and I were talking about how we could see ourselves bringing our kids here one day because it seemed like the perfect place for a family vacation. If it wasn’t so far away, we’d own a vacation home here!


Literally. This was the neatest little town in Switzerland.


During our first afternoon in Lugano, we decided to swim in the lake! Swimming in this beautiful turquoise lake surrounded by the Swiss Alps was incredible. If you find yourself here during the summer, this is a must! We paid 4 Franc a piece and rented one chair for 5 Franc. Not bad for a fun and relaxing afternoon. (Side note: the water was surprisingly warm. I thought it would be cooler.)

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On our second day, we spent the morning walking around the water until we hopped on a bus to our next destination…. but the bus never came (more on this later).


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**I do want to quickly mention that Switzerland is a very, VERY expensive country. I’m not sure why, but you will pay a whole lot of money for accommodations and food here. Thankfully, Taylor and I weren’t too picky with our lodging arrangements. However, there’s really no way around paying for food. You will pay an absurd amount of money for food and drink in Switzerland. Just keep this in mind if you’re planning a trip.


Like I said, We were supposed to take a bus from Lugano to Lake Como, but as we were waiting (in the pouring rain) we received a notification saying our bus would be 4 hours late!! We improvised by taking the train instead. 🙂


Next stop, Lake Como!

Traveling to Zurich

Good Morning!

We made it to Zurich!!

Taylor flew out of Shanghai, had a layover in Russia, then caught a connecting flight to Zurich. I flew from South Carolina to Newark, to Boston, to Lisbon, then to Zurich! I AM TIRED. Not only was this a lot of traveling, but I’m not familiar with traveling abroad on my own. I usually follow Taylor’s lead and feel safe and comfortable doing that. This really challenged me and put my travel skills to the test. Although I made it to my final destination, it was a bit of a struggle.

I’m so thankful that we decided to squeeze in Switzerland before diving into Italy. We didn’t have time to see much, but thought Zurich would be a great choice. It was absolutely beautiful. We’ve really enjoyed strolling the streets together and taking in the amazing views.

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Switzerland is known for their cheese fondu, so we had to stop and try some! We ate at a small table along the streets, and the cheese was exceptional. They even refilled our bread bowl so we could scrape up every last bit of cheese.

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There wasn’t a bad view in Zurich. We really took our time soaking it all in and taking photos. I felt like I couldn’t put my camera down! Everywhere I looked there was another incredible view.

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If you do come to Zurich, you can’t miss Lake Zurich! Taylor and I were surprised at how teal the water was. I know it’s slightly difficult to see in the photos, but the water was crystal clear and beautiful. I bet the mountains look stunning in the winter covered with snow.

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Although I think the pictures turned out beautiful, you really have to see it in person. Lake Zurich did not disappoint!


Once we were done walking around the streets, we stopped at a small cafe for drinks while we watched the sunset. We were still fighting jet lag, so we had to stay up as late as possible.

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Throughout the city, they have these public drinking fountains. They are very old and look like wells. Switzerland prides themselves in being able to drink the tap water. Taylor couldn’t wait to fill up his water bottle from one of these fountains! As a water snob, I’ll admit that it wasn’t bad!


When we woke up the next morning, we had a little bit of time to explore before our train to Lugano. We started with breakfast at Babu’s. It was highly rated and packed when we got there. We squeezed our bodies and bags into the corner and ordered an açaí bowl, croissant, iced latte and iced matcha. It was delicious!

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Once we were done eating, we strolled the city streets some more! This time, with luggage in tow!


I truly think we chose the best time to visit Zurich. With it being the end of August, the weather was slightly cooler and most of the tourists were gone.


We had to be at the train station at 1:30 for our train to Lugano! We stopped for pizzas along the way, and ate them on the train/while we were waiting.


Next stop, Lugano!