Folly Beach, Charleston SC

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This is another exciting post for me!! Early Friday morning I hopped on a flight from Philadelphia to Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve been coming to Charleston since Taylor and I first started dating back in 2013, because this is where his university was. While I adore the city of Charleston, I love Folly Beach even more. I mean, I LOVE Folly. Of all the places I’ve traveled (and that’s a lot of destinations) Folly Beach is my favorite place in the whole wide world. I truly don’t think another place will ever compare.

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Since Folly Beach is my favorite place in the world, it only makes sense that my favorite restaurant in the world is there too! The Lost Dog Cafe!

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I’m so glad I squeezed in a weekend at Folly Beach. Given it was the cheapest flight I could find, but TOTALLY worth it. I just love the small beach town feel and the ease of life down there. I would love to live in Charleston or own a vacation home of my own in Folly one day.

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We stayed in Folly for two nights and spent most of the time redecorating Grandmas remodeled condo! We shopped, shopped, and shopped some more! I don’t think I’ve ever carried so much furniture up the stairs before in my life. It was a much needed girls weekend and we got a lot accomplished!

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I also got to see my fur baby!! MAYBELLE! I’ve been missing her so badly for the past two months! I soaked up every moment with her while I was in South Carolina. She loves Charleston too, so she’s obviously an extension of me. 🙂

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I mean, how cute is she?! After our two days in Charleston, we packed up and headed to Spartanburg to see the rest of the family. They took me to my favorite restaurants, threw me a sweet birthday party, and took me on a boat ride. These are a few of my favoriteeee thingsssss! 🙂

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ACC Championship & NASCAR

This past weekend, Taylor really wanted to travel up to Raleigh, North Carolina for the ACC Baseball Championship game because Clemson was playing against Florida State. He also wanted to drive to Charlotte to see the Coca Cola 600 Race…so we did both!

It was a VERY long day! We left the house at 6am Sunday morning in order to make it to Raleigh on time for the baseball game. We also picked up two of his friends along the way! Raleigh was experiencing really bad weather so we were nervous that they would cancel the game as we were driving up. Thankfully, they just delayed the game an hour, which worked out fine.




thumbnail_IMG_3342We were able to purchase 4 tickets under the awning! Although we were able to stay dry, it was still hot and humid.





This was one of the best baseball games we’ve ever been to because Clemson was playing SO well against Florida State. By the fourth inning, the score was 18 to 1. We even made it on TV!


Due to a downpour of rain, they had to delay the game for almost 2 hours. Since we wanted to see the race later that evening, we couldn’t stay to finish the game.




On our way to Charlotte, we stopped for some Chipotle! YUM!


The drive was a little over two hours because we had to stop and pick up our tickets. Taylor bought 4 from someone off of Craigslist.


Since we arrived about 20 minutes before the race started, we didn’t hit any traffic. AND Taylor found us FREE parking right at the entrance because the ladies managing the lot were about to leave when we pulled in. The lot was normally $30. Taylor is the best at finding great parking spots…just like my dad!



For the race, you were aloud to bring one cooler or backpack per person into the stadium. Your cooler couldn’t be larger than 14 x 14 x 14, so Tay picked one up from Target the day before.






I was not prepared for how loud the race would actually be! About 100 laps in, Taylor went and bought me some earplugs because my eardrums felt like they were going to explode.



Surprisingly, the race went really smoothly and there were no major wrecks. This made the laps fly by!! We ended up leaving around 10:30pm because we were exhausted from the day and wanted to beat traffic.


With Clemson winning the ACC Championship and then watching my very first NASCAR race, I would say it was a successful day!!

Magnolia Plantation

My family drove all the way down from Pennsylvania to spend a week exploring Charleston.

Before they came, they knew they really wanted to visit Magnolia Plantation, America’s oldest public garden and Charleston’s most visited plantation. It’s been open to the public since 1870 and filled with blooming romantic-style gardens. Thankfully, Groupon was offering discounted general admission tickets! They were originally $15 a piece and we got 2 for $24 and 4 for $48, which is a 20% discount.

We started by watching a 20 minute video on the history of the plantation. Then, we walked through their petting zoo. We had 2 hours to kill until we were scheduled to tour the house.





The weather was perfect and we were able to roam around all afternoon. Around every corner was something even more beautiful.




Romper and Sandels: Dottie Couture

We saw a handful of birds and even an alligator!








This bridge was the most beautiful spot on the entire plantation. Mom and I could not stop taking pictures and fantasizing about how it was straight out of a fairy tale.





There is a really old wooden tower (that kinda shakes when you stand on it…it’s THAT old). When you climb the three flights of stairs to the top, you get this breathtaking view! You can see different wildlife from a distance and just soak it all in.









The house tour was very informative and our tour guide did a great job. We couldn’t take any pictures inside, but I made sure to capture the huge wrap-around porch. You can kinda notice in the picture how the porch is slanted and that’s because it’s made to let the rain drain off.


We had a blast walking around for several hours and we didn’t even cover everything! Looking back at all my pictures, I slightly regret not taking more! I will definitely be back to spend another day exploring.




Post Race

When we were finished with the race and eating lunch on Saturday, we all headed back to take a nap. We had left the condo that morning at 6:15am in order to cross the bridge before they closed it down at 7. Needless to say, we were exhausted.


After spending several hours being lazy, Taylor had to work the Charleston Stingrays ice hockey game. Since Taylor was working, I sat with two friends and we had a great time catching up, watching the fights, and even made a brief appearance on the jumbo-tron!



Terrible quality, but if you look close enough in the background you’ll see me taking a picture 🙂


After the game was over, we ate leftover pasta from Friday night and headed into downtown Charleston. We wanted to walk around, enjoy some drinks, and eat some cake!



We ended the night at Kaminsky’s for dessert! We selected the Cookies and Creme cake to split.



Of course it was delicious and made up for all that walking we did earlier.

Cooper River Bridge Run

Back in January, Taylor and I decided that we wanted to participate in the 39th annual Cooper River Bridge Run with his family. The course is a 10K (6.2 miles) that goes over the Ravenel Bridge and through downtown Charleston.  Bi-Lo and Boeing were the two largest sponsors of the event.


The night before the race we did what every racer does and loaded up with carbs! We chose to eat at an Italian restaurant called Mondos, which is on James Island. Taylor’s family has been visiting Folly Beach for years and never heard of it until recently. The place has been around since 1998 and has become so popular that  you absolutely need a reservation in order to eat.



We started off with some appetizers and complimentary bread. The bread was so fresh and some of the best we’ve ever been served.



Since we each ordered something different for our meals, we were able to pass around our dishes and taste everything! We all really enjoyed our dinner and had plenty of leftovers to take home with us.






If you’re planning on visiting the restaurant, they are only open for dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. They serve lunch along with dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

The next day was race day! When we registered for the race we had high hopes of running, but January came… then February was here and gone…and then March flew by…needless to say we didn’t train and ended up walking!


The weather was calling for non-stop rain during the day, and while it was raining when we woke up it miraculously disappeared when everything began!


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We had a ton of fun enjoying the views and walking together.




This is not an easy course, but it’s definitely a fun one! If you’re looking for something flat, this would not be for you.



FullSizeRender (1).jpg

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Over 35,000 people completed this race, which is insane! It’s an event that people travel to from all over the world to complete every year. We can’t wait to do it again, but maybe we’ll actually train this time and run it! 🙂


Sunny Saturday

Early Saturday morning, Taylor headed off to work his University’s baseball game while grandma and I slept in and enjoyed our view of Folly Beach.


The game didn’t start until 11, so we decided to grab brunch from the Lost Dog Cafe. This is easily our favorite place to eat on Folly Beach…maybe my favorite place in ALL of Charleston. We could babble on and on about why it’s our favorite, but for this reason, I will designate an entire post to it in the future.



I started with an iced vanilla latte and then ordered “The Lost Dog’s Very Own Heuvos Ranceros…Ole’.” It was a bean and cheese quesadilla topped with peppers, onions, black beans and two scrambled eggs served with salsa and sour cream! Grandma ordered an egg and cheese sandwich with a side of cheese grits.

Lost Dog.jpg

Talk about yum! When we were finished eating, we headed to the stadium to watch the baseball game. Thankfully, the weather was clear and sunny! We soaked up some sun while we watched Taylor do his thing.









When the game was over (we won!), we all went back to the condo to relax before heading out to dinner.


Taylor chose Sesame Burger for dinner! We love eating here because the service is great and the food is even better. They have 3 different locations within the Charleston area and on Tuesdays they have $3.00 burgers, which makes it a popular place for college students!

“We use hormone free and pasture-raised beef. Our chicken and turkey are antibiotic-free and South Carolina raised. We maintain an active presence in the community by partnering with local purveyors and makers of produce, fresh pasta, nuts, breads, and wine & beer. And in keeping with the Five Loaves CafĂ©,and Sesame Burgers & Beer philosophies, we make our own dressings and condiments as well. We build our restaurants using sustainable materials and with ecologically sound building practices. Our restaurants recycle all glass, plastic and cardboard. Even our “To Go” ware is biodegradable.”



They have huge shakes, burgers, chicken, and salads that you can customize any way you want.

mac and cheese.JPG





We were so full after eating, so we headed back to Folly Beach and topped off the night by watching some HGTV. 🙂

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