Girls Weekend in Nashville Pt. 2

Our next day in Nashville was a fabulous one! We started our day at the Frothy Monkey in 21 South. This was a different location from the previous day, but it was so good the first time that we had to eat it again!



We loved this location way more than the one downtown. It was extra cozy and homey, whereas the downtown location was more industrial and streamline.

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The two of us split the gravy biscuits, with a side of fruit and bacon. We also had coffee, but that’s no surprise. It was all phenomenal! We didn’t expect the portion sizes to be so large, so we could barley eat it all. One of the employees told us that we could order a half size the next time, so I guess we’ll just have to go back. ūüėČ

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Thankfully, the weather was less windy and much warmer. It was the perfect weather for walking around the city! We needed to walk off some of the food we just ate, so we decided to walk across the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge. 




If you want to see some amazing views of the city and the river, then this bridge is for you! I’d love to walk it during the summer when everything is blooming! Or better yet, during the fall when everything is transitioning!


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There are also several mini parks below the bridge that looked great for dog walking.





The Bridge gives you a great view of the Tennessee Titans Stadium. If you decide to stay outside of the city, you can park your car at the stadium for free during the off season. You can then walk over the bridge into the city. Thankfully, we lucked out when it came to parking during our trip, but if you plan on visiting during the busy season, I’d highly recommend parking at the stadium. Most parking garages start at $25 per day.

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Once we walked the bridge, we headed back to music row to see everything in the daylight.






During our first night downtown, we passed a giant candy shop and everything smelled plus looked amazing. We decided to revisit that shop for good measure. ūüôā




…and we splurged on some giant chocolate, caramel apples!¬†If you love candy apples and you’re ever in Nashville, these will not disappoint!


Once we were finished eating our apples, we drove around to some nearby antique shops! The best one we visited was the Downtown Antique Mall.¬†¬†If you’re into antiquing or refurbishing furniture, I’d highly recommend this place!



Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures while inside. However, this was only because I was in heaven walking in and out of each and every room! They had so many items and all in great condition. If you’re in the market for a specific item, I’m sure they have it here!

…Just casually carrying a table down the streets of Nashville. Lacie purchased this piece for $30 and already¬†finished refurbishing it!¬†She is the Fixer Upper QUEEN. I put her up there with¬†Joanna Gaines in my world.¬†After walking around the Downtown Antique Mall, we were hungry for an early dinner. We stopped at¬†12 South Taproom and Grill, and were not disappointed.




Once we were done eating,¬†we headed to the famous¬†#whatliftsyou¬†mural.¬†We stopped by the mural earlier in the day, but the sun was casting a huge shadow on the wings. Take my advice and go later in the evening when the sun isn’t so high, especially if you want a good picture. This mural didn’t have near as many people standing around it as the other.

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They even have a tiny set of wings, which I’m pretty sure is for toddlers or dogs.

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Sadly, the next day was our last. We started our morning by eating breakfast at the Pancake Pantry. It’s right next to Vanderbilt’s campus, so we were expecting it to be busy. Surprisingly, it wasn’t!


I’m not lying when I tell you that these were THE BEST PANCAKES I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I have no idea what is in their recipe, but they’re doing something right!


Beside specialty pancakes, they also have your typical breakfast food. Each of their entrees comes with a side of delicious pancakes. I ordered a cheese and bacon omelet and it was delicious!


When we left, there was a line around the building. Obviously, we came at a good time! You HAVE TO eat here if you’re in Nashville. Once we were done enjoying our pancakes, we decided to spend some time walking in and out of the shops.




We still had some time to kill before heading to the airport, so we decided to go see the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Taylor had been telling us to go see it all weekend, but how exciting could a hotel be?

WRONG! Entering this hotel was like entering a completely different world!


It was so beautiful! We walked around the water and looked at some of the shops they had.


We wished that we would’ve gone earlier in the day to see everything. Neither of us was expecting it to be so beautiful!


Afterwards, Lacie dropped me off at the airport.


The two of us had so much fun exploring the city of Nashville. We had been dreaming of traveling to Nashville together for so long, so I’m glad we finally did it. We’re already ¬†thinking about the¬†next city we want to visit. Any suggestions?

Girls Weekend in Nashville, Pt. 1

One of my best friends Lacie and I have been dreaming of taking a girls trip to Nashville together. We both have crazy schedules ahead for the spring, so we wanted to visit before all the chaos. When we were searching for places to stay, most of the hotels downtown were out of our price range. I was kind of expecting this, so I did what I always do and searched airbnb! Of course, there were hundreds of affordable options to choose from!

We chose to stay in an adorable airbnb that was on the outskirts of downtown. Not only was it affordable, but it was in a fantastic location! It was a short 30 minute walk from Music Row and only a $5 uber ride.



Taylor and I swear by airbnb. It’s a phenomenal way to travel and¬†you can discover some of the most incredible destinations for a reasonable price.¬†It also gives you the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. If you’re skeptical about staying in an airbnb, choose a place close to home and stay for a night or two!¬†Click HERE for $20 off your first trip of $75 or more.


Our room was perfect for a long weekend! It was super girly and had everything we needed for a comfortable stay.





I flew into Nashville on a Friday evening and Lacie met me there. After picking me up at the airport, we drove over to our airbnb and checked in. Then, we walked to Music Row  to explore the downtown area.



If you want to see what Nashville’s really like, go to Music Row on a Friday night! Music Row is southwest of downtown Nashville and has so many shops and bars. We couldn’t believe how many people were there or how many talented performers there were.




Once we were done exploring, we stopped and got some ice cream. After that, we took an Uber back to our airbnb and relaxed on the upper deck. The deck had so many string lights and a cozy hammock and fire pit.



This was the perfect place for us to catch up on life!




The next day, we spent most of our trip walking, shopping, eating, and drinking an abundance of coffee. The first coffee shop we tried out, was the Red Bicycle! It was only a 10 minute walk from our room, and we heard great things about it.


They serve all sorts of coffee, pastries, and crepes!



We opted for a cinnamon roll, bagel sandwich, and of course coffee!




We really enjoyed eating breakfast at the Red Bicycle and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. While we were in Nashville the weather was pretty chilly, but the sun was always shining so we were thankful!



When deciding what to spend time seeing, the¬†Nashville Farmer’s Market was high on our list.



There was tons of unique vendors here selling fresh produce, flowers, and food. They had an entire building dedicated to food. We weren’t quite ready for lunch yet,¬†but it smelled amazing!



The Nashville Farmer’s Market even had a greenhouse overflowing with different plants and gardening¬†decor.





Once we left the farmer’s market, we did some shopping at the nearby outlets. After that, we were starving!¬†Our next coffee shop of the day was the Frothy Monkey.¬†I’d heard incredible things about¬†this place, so it was at the top of my list of places to try.


They have several locations in Tennessee, but we went to the one in downtown Nashville.


I’m glad we went later in the afternoon, because it wasn’t very busy.¬†The Frothy Monkey was super cute and the food was just what we needed! It was also very affordable. I’m so glad we¬†tried it out!



Once we were finished eating, we drove to the famous We Believe in Nashville sign located on the 12 South Dental Studio’s building. If you decide to visit, be prepared to stand in line with everyone else. You’re in charge¬†of taking your own pictures, so sometimes it can take awhile. Especially if there’s a large group!



Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long.


The 12 South area was very charming! They had tons of boutiques and shops along the street. Plus, there was a ton of great places to eat. It was the perfect place to spend the day walking around.





We finished our second day full circle. We started at the Red Bicycle and we ended there too! Neither of us expected to be so exhausted from walking around all day. We contemplated going out to eat somewhere nice, but were feeling lazy and exhausted. Instead, we drove to the Red Bicycle and tried their delicious crepes.



The Red Bicycle did not disappoint at night either. There was a completely different vibe during the evening compared to the morning. The morning was busy and crowded, while the evening was quiet and secluded.





Thank’s for reading about part one of our trip to Nashville!¬†Stick around for part two!



































Brunch & Coffee

Last Tuesday, Taylor’s classes were cancelled so we decided to head downtown and walk around Charleston. We weren’t expecting it to be as cold it was, so we ended up grabbing brunch at Toast and Coffee from Kudu¬†and then heading home.


The streets were almost empty, but they will be busy in a few weeks once the weather warms up.


If you ever find yourself in downtown Charleston looking for some yummy southern food, you should check out Toast! They are located on Meeting Street, which is within walking distance from all the shops on King Street and tourists attractions. We love how they serve breakfast all day long, because there’s nothing worse than craving some comforting breakfast food during the early afternoon only to find that they stopped serving breakfast an hour ago. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast, they also serve lunch and dinner.

Our waitress pointed out to us that their Deluxe French Toast was featured in the NY Times, “Hailed as a must eat by the New York Times.”¬†Taylor ordered that with the apple topping (they also have peach) and a side of bacon. I ordered their 3 cheese omelet, which came with the largest biscuit I’ve ever seen, grits (I gave to Taylor), ¬†and a side of bacon.

French Toast.jpg


They definitely don’t short you on food here and our waitress was so sweet. We’ll definitely be back for breakfast and we really want to try their lunch menu. If you drive, you will need to either find street parking or use the parking garage. There is a parking lot beside the restaurant, but it is only for the hotel and you will be towed if you park there, so keep that in mind if you decide to drive.

When we were done with our meal, I really wanted to try Kudu’s coffee because Taylor’s roommate told me it’s one of the best coffee shops in Charleston! The inside was rustic and cozy, and I also noticed that they had an enormous outside seating area with string lights dangling above for when it gets darker out. I cannot wait to come here in the summertime!

Taylor.JPGI ordered an iced caramel latte! We really wanted to relax here while we worked, but Kudu didn’t have a single electrical socket. Neither of our computers were fully charged and we didn’t want to start and not finish anything when our computers died. They probably do this so people don’t come and stay there forever?? I’m sure it get’s busy but still, how disappointing.



The latte was super yummy and strong! I go through phases where I like my coffee really sweet and 90% creamer or¬†I like it really strong. Currently, I’m going through the strong phase…extra espresso shots please!


We hope you enjoyed reading this! Let us know if there are any other places in Charleston we should give a try!