A Night in Hong Kong!

Last weekend, Taylor and I completed our second visa run to Hong Kong! I went into a lot more detail about what a “visa run” is and why we need to take them in the first Hong Kong post I wrote! You can read that HERE.


The two of us headed to the Nanjing airport on Monday afternoon, and landed in Hong Kong around 5pm. We took a taxi immediately to our hotel, The Rosedale, and dropped off our luggage before heading to dinner. We were starving and craving Outback Steakhouse! The only time we can eat here is when we’re visiting Hong Kong. We would normally never eat at a chain restaurant while traveling, but when you live in China, you take any sliver of home you can get. ❤


After a long day of traveling, we headed straight to bed and rested for an early morning of exploration! Taylor’s company only pays for a one night (two day) stay out of the country when we need to take our visa runs, so we squeeze everything we can into that time! We woke up bright and early, walked to Starbucks for coffee, then took the hotel bus downtown.


We spent the entire day walking along the harbor, flying the drone, and shopping (Christmas is right around the corner)!


When we were ready for lunch, we returned to White Beard’s Fish n Chips across the harbor. We ate here last time and loved it so much! Taylor ordered their lemon garlic fish and I got their fish bites!


We always love traveling to Hong Kong, even if it’s just for one night. The weather is always perfect, there’s a huge western influence, and there’s so much beauty! We’ve only been twice now, but there’s still so much we want to see and do here! We can’t wait to return.


On another note, WE RETURN TO AMERICA this week!! We’re both ecstatic, and can’t wait to see all our friends and family! Thank’s for reading! xoxo

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