Getting Lost on Purple Mountain


I hope ya’ll had a great week!! In my last post, I talked about how we visited a local park in Nanjing on our Monday afternoon off. Well today’s post is all about what we did the very next day! If you didn’t know, our weekends are Monday’s and Tuesday’s rather than the typical Saturday’s and Sunday’s. We wanted to spend our Tuesday afternoon casually exploring Purple Mountain. This is a famous area in Nanjing because you can hike, walk through the botanical gardens, or see the Xiaoling tomb of the first Ming emperor. What was supposed to be a casual hike up and down the mountain with a little exploration in the middle, turned into an all day hike trying to get off the dang mountain. I started the day recording our “small” adventure, but called it quits on filming after we were lost and confused and everything turned into a hot mess.


When hiking the mountain you have three options. You can take the stairs straight up, walk along a winding road, or get inside a cable car. We chose to take the stairs because we wanted to hike it. After huffing and puffing for 45 minutes all the way up, we sat and looked out at our city below to catch our breath.


When we were done soaking in the foggy view, we began walking down off the mountain together. The map showed a path that connected the mountain to the botanical gardens and Mausoleum down below, so we set out to find it. After walking a mile straight downhill, we came to a gated dead end. We had to turn around and walk uphill another mile. This just kept happening. I’m not kidding when I say it took us HOURS to get up and down this mountain. The paths were not labeled correctly and the maps weren’t accurate. #china


My muscles are still aching!! Once we finally made it down off the mountain, we took a taxi to the gardens and Mausoleum. Turns out, it was a lot further than we thought it would be.



It’s believed that the emperor is buried somewhere in this amazing courtyard.


The Purple Mountain park was closing at 6pm that day, so we only had about an hour to walk around and explore. Thankfully, this meant it wasn’t overcrowded. Truth be told, I don’t know if I could’ve explored any longer than that anyways because I was so exhausted. We drove straight to dinner afterwards because we were starving and ready for bed. I don’t think we’ll be hiking Purple Mountain again anytime soon. 🙂

Thank’s for reading! xoxo

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