A Fall Day in Shanghai


As I mentioned in my last post, China has been celebrating their Chinese National Day all week long. We stayed in Nanjing most of the week, but decided to spend our last day off in Shanghai! The last time we were in Shanghai, it was only our second week living in China. I was feeling very lost and uneasy, but I felt so full of joy this time! I’m so thankful for everyone’s constant prayers for Taylor and I.

Shanghai was very hot and humid back in June, so now that the weather has started to cool off, we were eager to return for the day! After spending time in Shanghai during the summer and now fall, I can 100% recommend visiting the city in the fall. I can’t be held accountable about the other two seasons, but it was beautiful when we went this time. It was less crowded, easier to get around, and just all around more beautiful.

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We didn’t have any big plans for our afternoon in Shanghai. Ultimately, we wanted to get out of Nanjing and do something other than lay around in our apartment. This was the first time Taylor and I have had an extended amount of time off with no plans. Typically, we jump on a plane the minute we have spare time. We both felt like we needed to breathe and regroup after returning from Italy, plus we’ve got a heavy travel schedule coming up!


We took the bullet train from Nanjing to Shanghai (2 hours max), which is the fastest and easiest way to get there. Shanghai is actually a 5 hour drive one way by car, so I don’t recommend doing that! Once we arrived, we took a taxi to The Bund. This is one of the most scenic areas you can visit in Shanghai. The easiest way to describe it, is as a long stretch of buildings along the Huangpu River that overlook city. Not only is the view pretty great, but the buildings along the bund were built by the French and full of history. It’s easy to forget you’re in China as you’re walking alongside the river. Both time’s we’ve visited Shanghai it has been hazy, but clear skies in China are rare.


Once we were done walking, we took the subway to the “Fake Market.” We visited a different “Fake Market” the last time we visited and had a blast. You can’t take photos or film in the markets, because well…..it’s all illegal. You can find some amazing knockoffs here and it’s something everyone needs to experience. It’s not for the faint of heart though! If you’re not willing to get aggressive and haggle, don’t bother going. 🙂


It was almost 3 by the time we were done walking around the market, so we stopped at Tocks for a quick lunch/dinner. We found this Canadian restaurant on Trip Advisor and it did not disappoint! Taylor and I split the chicken sandwich and loaded fries!


Once lunch was over, we went to our favorite place in Shanghai, Big Movie. I talked about this in my last Shanghai post, but it’s a massive movie store where you can find just about anything you can think of, new movies, television series, Disney, and all the classics. If you love movies, you absolutely need to stock up while you’re visiting. Each movie costs 13RMB, which is equivalent to 2 Dollars. After we were done movie shopping, we bought train tickets back to Nanjing and called it a day! We had a great time escaping our city for an afternoon and have hopes of returning again soon.

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I made another YouTube video of our afternoon in Shanghai, and you can watch that here:

Thank’s for following along! xoxo


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