Chinese National Day

Happy Chinese National Week!

October 1st was the official National Day of the Peoples Republic of China, and the country has been celebrating all week long! Every year, the country shuts down in order to celebrate together. The holiday occurs right after the Mid-Autumn Festival, but every few years the two holidays blend together and the celebration lasts a few days longer. We got lucky because this is what happened this year!


Like the rest of the country, Taylor has been off for the whole week. We were debating on traveling somewhere cool, but we opted for staying in Nanjing to chill out. We just got back from Europe and we have a few trips planned in the near future. Our Chinese friends said traveling around the country at this time is absolute chaos anyway, and they recommended we stay in the city. We were happy to oblige! 🙂


Our week has been filled with a lot of relaxing and some sightseeing around Nanjing. We’ve been talking about walking the city wall since we arrived, so we knew this was the perfect time to go!


We paid 60 RMB total for the two of us to walk along the historical wall, which is 10 USD. Totally worth it!


The Nanjing city wall took 28 years to construct and was finalized in 1366!!  Incase you’re wondering, that’s 410 years before America was founded!


We couldn’t have picked a better day to explore the city wall. The air quality varies day by day here, and we really lucked out with clear skies! This city is so beautiful, especially when you can see the surrounding mountains in the distance.


The good thing about living in Nanjing, is that it’s a very up-and-coming city. Most people who live here didn’t actually grow up here. During Chinese National Week, most families leave Nanjing to return to their hometowns. Because of this, the city wall wasn’t overcrowded and we could take our time.


Below the wall is a huge park, which we visited during our first week living in China. It’s crazy how different I felt on this day compared to then.


I filmed our day walking along the wall and some more about our day, and you can watch it on my YouTube channel HERE!

The Nanjing City Wall.jpg

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