Quiet Time in The City

I wish I had something super exciting to share in this post, but to be honest we haven’t been been doing anything wild and crazy these last few days! We had plans of going to X’ian last weekend to see the Terra-Cotta Soldiers, but we just wanted to chill and enjoy our city instead. Another huge MLB tournament started today, so Taylor will be working basically every single day for the entire month of July so we wanted to get some relaxation in our own city. August will probably be busy as well, so we’re laying low and trying to stay cool.

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Since we’ve been laying low in the city, we’ve been eating at all our favorite restaurants. One night, while we were eating at our favorite “Mexican” restaurant, we saw a young couple that looked about our age. Tay went over to say “hello,” and they invited us to join them for dinner. We gladly joined and ended up making some new friends! They were very friendly and are from the South! We went to dinner with them again the following night at an Irish place they recommended. It was tasty, so we’ve added it to our list of great restaurants.

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The weather is extremely hot and humid right now. I think it’s way hotter and way more humid than anywhere we’ve ever lived before. Not to be dramatic or anything, but the humidity is so thick it’s suffocating. It’s also China’s rainy season, which really affects Taylor’s work schedule.

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Taylor and I decided to explore the city by bike the other day and it was awesome! It’s such a good way for us to stay active and see more of the city without taking the metro or taxi. The bikes are owned by the city, and you rent them through your phone. It’s a little hit or miss, because you unlock the bike and can leave it literally wherever you want. It’s nice because you never have to return the bike to a certain drop-off location, but you just never know where you’ll find a bike. There’s so many of them though, that they’re not difficult to find. We paid $2 each and can now unlock and ride any bike for the next 30 days.

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Our translator took us to the Jining Temple the other day and it was beautiful! He said it was his favorite temple here, so he was able to give us our own private tour. 🙂 It was fascinating to learn about his beliefs.


We also had our first KTV experience! KTV is Chinese Karaoke and it’s a BIG DEAL here. This is their way of relaxing and having a good time on a Saturday night. It’s so different from America. You rent a big room with all your friends and take turns singing whatever song you want! Nobody stands in front of an audience, and you’re basically singing while everyone is doing something else! 🙂 There is no pressure to sing well and it’s so much fun! We can’t wait to go back!


This is about all we have going on at the moment! We’re enjoying our time here, but working hard to power through these long days of baseball season!


Talk to y’all soon!

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