One Full Month

I cannot believe we’ve been living in China for one full month already!! This one month has changed my life significantly and I struggle to put it in writing. As you all remember, the first week here was unbearable for me. I wrote about how I wanted to go home and I wasn’t comfortable. I received countless messages about prayers and peace, along with an easier transition. I am INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for those words of affirmation. Each day got easier and easier, and my heart for China has completely flipped. I can confidently tell you that I’m now loving China. Since I feel more comfortable, we’ve begun exploring more of our new city.

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The city of Nanjing is huge. The population is actually the same as New York City! There are so many different sides to Nanjing though. You have a modern city with all the high rise buildings, you have old China with the historical buildings, and then you have all the parks! The people of China really enjoy being in parks, so they’re everywhere! We’ve had the best time exploring all the beautiful parks during this time of year.

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Food was a massive struggle for me at the beginning of the month. Although I love Chinese food in America, it’s very different here (which was expected). I’m extremely picky when it comes to international foods. Being homesick and a picky international eater means I didn’t eat a lot during the first few weeks. Thank’s to our amazing coworkers, we’ve found a few staple places to eat! I’m thinking about writing an entire post on what we eat here/how our diets changed, so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in reading! 🙂


I’ve really tried to focus on all the exciting things going on in life right now. We just got back from Anji, we have a trip to Taiwan in August, and possibly a trip to Panama and Florida in September…and that’s all just for the MLB! On top of all that, we can go anywhere we want in Asia during our days off. I’ve never dreamed of having so many travel opportunities!

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In just one month, China has taught me so much about living a simpler life. Things I thought I needed…turns out I don’t need at all. Except coffee. I’ll always need coffee. 🙂 Life is pretty easy here. I never realized how many distractions were in America. We have our routine, we have each other, and we get to focus on what we love. The jobs we’re working and the friends we’re making along the way are incredible. I never thought we’d both have amazing jobs that still allowed us to travel the world.


I’m in awe at how drastically different I feel compared to when we landed. I know I’ll have my low moments in the future, but right now everything is still so fresh and exciting in my mind! We miss our friends, family, and little May May terribly, but we’re both really happy with where we’re at and know we’ll see them soon!


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