Yellowstone National Park & The Great Salt Lake

I’ve been slightly behind on writing about the second part of our trip to Yellowstone National Park. With all the packing and actually moving across the world, I think I have a valid excuse. 😉 After this post, I’ll start writing about our time here in China! For now, enjoy this post about our time in Yellowstone!

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After spending the first two nights in Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons, we spent the next three days riding around in Yellowstone National Park. I was going to try and write about the days in order of what we did, but to be honest, we just spent a lot of time driving around and stopping at different lookouts along the way. Because of that, I’ve just compiled all the pictures I took within the park sporadically!

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We toured Yellowstone at the very beginning of the tourist season. Although there were still other people around, it wasn’t super crowded or overwhelming. I can’t imagine what it’s like during the peak of summer!

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I’d recommend visiting Yellowstone National Park during late May because this is when it’s less crowded and you’ll see more wildlife. After a long winter, animals like to graze on the freshest grass. While there’s too much snow left on the peaks of the mountains, there’s plenty of fresh grass at the bottom. Also, the animals aren’t used to so many people being around yet, so they’re more likely to be spotted out and about.


We came face to face with this female elk, who had just given birth minutes before this picture! She was very protective of her baby, so the park rangers were standing by to make sure nobody got too close. There were a few close encounters with foreigners who didn’t understand what was going on, but thankfully nobody got hurt.


There were SO MANY bison roaming around in Yellowstone. They were in the fields, on the road, and even in the parking lots! I have an abundance of bison pics!

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We had high hopes of spotting a bear before the trip began. After the first few days with no bear sighting, our hopes were dwindling. Thankfully, we spotted two different black bears towards the end of our time in Yellowstone! We also saw two bears running across the road one day, but the family is undecided about whether it was a black bear or a grizzly.


There is so much beauty and history in Yellowstone National Park. You can find some of the earths most active earthquake and volcanic systems here! According to the park website, Yellowstone became the very first National Park because of the geysers, hot springs, mudpots and steam vents.

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Before we entered Yellowstone, we rented a Gaper Guide for our van, which is a Yellowstone and Grand Teton GPS audio tour. This was AN AMAZING addition for us. Basically, it’s a device that connects to the audio of your car, and it talks about the area you’re in and all the history! There’s also more than 100 fun facts you can play along the way! Since we spent so much time in the car between sights, the Gaper Guide gave us our own personal tour of the area we were in! We HIGHLY recommend!


We experienced every season during our 3 days in Yellowstone! It was hot, cool, rainy, and it even snowed at one point!! Make sure you wear layers if you visit during this time of year yourself! 🙂


On our final day in Yellowstone, we packed up the van and drove back to Salt Lake City. Our flight back to Charlotte didn’t leave until late afternoon, so we stopped at the Great Salt Lake! I was just in Salt Lake City in January for a ski trip, so you can read all about that trip here!

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Taylor and I love exploring the National Parks of America. There’s so much to see and do, and each park is unique in its own way. This was a short and sweet family trip, but it was a great way to relax and be with family before we packed up and moved. Stay tuned for updates about our adventures in China!!

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