Our Next BIG Adventure

The past few weeks have been filled with nothing but craziness here in Gainesville, Florida for Taylor and I. If I thought our lives were odd and unpredictable before, I was in for a real treat. As some of you know, Taylor graduates from the University of Florida with his Masters in Athletic Training in May. With May only being 3 months away, we had a lot of big life decisions to make. We were debating between leaving Florida and returning to South Carolina, or staying in Florida for another year to gain work experience.

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After weeks of praying and thinking about what we wanted to do, we made the decision to stay in Florida for another year. This would allow me to personally advance in my career and Taylor to gain full-time experience, while preparing for the MCAT in the spring. We had everything mapped out and were comfortable with our decision.

Then everything changed.

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Taylor received an email from a position he’d applied to way back in the fall. In fact, Taylor asked me if he could apply for this position, and I’d agreed only because I didn’t think it was actually possible for us. This is where I was completely wrong…

Taylor was offered a 2 year contract as the head athletic trainer with the Major League Baseball (MLB) Development Center…IN CHINA!!! That’s right, on the other side of the world in China. At first we were hesitant, but then they explained all the amazing benefits such as housing, travel, and the opportunity to be an athletic trainer for their national team in future events!

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Long story short, we couldn’t pass up an incredible opportunity like this! We’re both young and in the position to take on an adventure as big as this one. China is a scary move, but we believe the door has been opened for a reason, so we’re walking through it with full confidence together!

We ask for your thoughts and prayers as we enter this new stage of life! Our moving date varies on how quickly Taylor can get his work visa, but we’re assuming it will be around late May or early June. Stay tuned for more updates about our next crazy adventure!


Ash & Tay


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