Arches National Park


We had a really difficult time leaving the Grand Canyon Lodge after the perfect day we had before, but we needed to continue our trip by heading to another park. Due to the time difference, we woke up early and walked over to the “Saloon” to grab breakfast and coffee.


This adorable cafe was filled with yummy coffee, tea, and pastries! Taylor ordered a huge homemade cinnamon roll and I got an iced vanilla latte. YUM!




Back in the day, they used mules like this to carry everything up and down the canyon.

We took our breakfast to the back porch of the lodge and sat in the rocking chairs overlooking the canyon. It was still fairly early, so everything was calm and peaceful. This was one of my favorite moments during the entire trip.




After we were done eating and rocking, we reluctantly packed up our bags and headed towards Arches National Park. We had to leave early because Taylor wanted to take the scenic route. This was the longest drive we took during the entire trip, but it was easily the most beautiful. The views were so stunning that we had to stop several times alongside the road to take pictures.

Leaving with a new rock! 😉





DSC_0075 (1).jpg

DSC_0076 (1).jpg

To pass time during our long ride, we turned on some comedy podcasts and started dreaming of ideas for the wedding!


DSC_0084 (1).jpg

DSC_0087 (1).jpg

It’s easy to feel small driving through mountains like this for several hours.

DSC_0090 (1).jpg

DSC_0092 (1).jpg

DSC_0094 (1).jpg



DSC_0097 (1).jpg


DSC_0099 (1)

After 8 hours of driving, we finally made it to Arches National Park!! As soon as we arrived, we headed straight for the visitor center so we could fill up on water and find a map. Out of all the trails, we decided that we wanted to hike the Delicate Arch and pack our dinner for the sunset. Before we could start hiking anywhere, we had to find somewhere to set up our tent.

DSC_0113 (1)

DSC_0110 (1)

DSC_0112 (1)

DSC_0114 (1)

We chose to stay at the Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground for $33. It was located right outside the park, and was a great place to stay!


They have RV hookups, cabins, and tent spots along with an in-ground pool, WIFI, and a nice bath house! And, if you’re looking to spend a few nights in Arches, they also have premium sites for tents that have a huge tent shading you! This way, your belongings don’t bake in the desert sun all day long. We were only going to be here one night and it was already late afternoon, so we didn’t need a premium spot.

DSC_0105 (1)

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at this campground! The staff was super helpful and friendly! They even had complimentary coffee. 🙂 Once we set everything up, we packed our dinner and headed to the Delicate Arch trail.

DSC_0109 (1)


The trail is 3.0 miles round trip and they recommend giving yourself 2-3 hours to complete it. It’s also rated as a “strenuous” hike, but after our hike in Zion the day before, this was a walk in the park.

DSC_0116 (1)


Most of the hike is on slick rock and you really have to watch your footing. Since there is no shade in the desert, starting this hike in the evening was perfect!  We began around 5:30 as the sun was beginning to set. One of the biggest mistakes we made the day before was starting the hike at noon!


DSC_0118 (1)




DSC_0126 (1)


DSC_0128 (1)

DSC_0129 (1)

DSC_0133 (1)

DSC_0135 (1)

DSC_0136 (1)

DSC_0141 (1)

It was so windy when we made it to the top that we were afraid we would blow over if we stood for too long!

DSC_0143 (1)

DSC_0145 (1)

After enjoying the view for awhile, we began our hike back to the bottom.

DSC_0146 (1)

DSC_0148 (1)

DSC_0149 (1)

When we made it to the car, we drove to another trail so we could eat our sandwiches while watching the sunset.

DSC_0150 (1)

DSC_0151 (1)


DSC_0155 (1)



DSC_0163 (1)

We hiked to the perfect overlook!

DSC_0166 (1)

DSC_0167 (1)

As soon as we were done eating, we headed back to the car. Now, here’s where things get interesting. While we were walking back, a small rabbit moved to the right of me and it scared the daylights out of me! A few minutes later, I spotted several deer in some bushes directly in front of us and I was completely terrified! Taylor just laughed at me, but I think it was because my heart was still pounding from the rabbit incident.

DSC_0170 (1)

Once we made it back safely to the car, Taylor really wanted to park the car and look at the stars. Arches is one of the best places to do this because it is so far away from any light pollution. I wish we could’ve captured it on our camera, but you’ll have to take my word for it. There were several other cars stopped alongside the road, just so they could look up.

Next up in the Mighty 5, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef!!

Thank’s for following along! 🙂

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