Our Journey to Utah

You may be wondering why we chose to visit Utah, of all the places we could pick?

It all started back in January when Taylor flew to Arizona to see Clemson play in the National Championship. During his return home, Southwest Airlines overbooked the flight and needed someone to give up their seat. Taylor gladly volunteered, so they gave him a voucher for $600 towards another Southwest flight. Since then, we’ve been brainstorming different places we could go. We’ve always shared an appreciation for the mountains, and Taylor really wanted to hike the “Big 5” in Utah. In short, that’s how we ended up in Utah!


We booked our flights through Southwest Airlines with his voucher for FREE! We found a great deal for $165 per person round trip, which left extra money on his voucher for another trip!



When looking at the map of the United States, we noticed that Las Vegas was A LOT closer to the 5 mountains we wanted to hike, rather than Salt Lake City. If we had booked a flight in and out of SLC, we would’ve had to drive over 4 hours to get to the first mountain. Whereas, by booking our flight to Las Vegas, it only took us 2.

We flew out of the Atlanta airport and arrived extra early, because it was a holiday weekend and we were anticipating a long security line. They had so many people working in security that we were at our gate in no time!

We had a super short layover in New Orleans, and then flew directly to Las Vegas. This was THE WORST flight we’ve ever experienced. Taylor and I were sitting directly beside a young man with his one year old son. It was the child’s first flight and he didn’t pack a single item for him. Needless to say, the kid screamed the ENTIRE 2+ hour flight. It was so miserable that people around him were trying to offer anything they could to calm him down, but nothing worked. The most disappointing part was that the Southwest flight attendants did absolutely nothing. We didn’t have a second of peace the entire flight.



We did have an amazing view of the sunset though!




Once we landed in Vegas, we called an Uber to come take us to our airbnb. (Read our last post about our airbnb experiences.) We rented a room out of someone’s apartment for $40 dollars and it was wonderful! She only lived 15 minutes from the airport and provided us with everything we needed for a comfortable night stay. We highly recommend staying with her if you’re ever in Vegas!



Our host was super sweet and made sure we had everything we needed. Our flight arrived pretty late at night and she was very flexible with letting us come at an odd hour. We had our own room, bathroom, and full walk-in closet. If you’re ever in the vegas area, we’d highly recommend staying at her place. You can find her page HERE.

The next day, we’d be heading to Zion National Park!!

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