Tiger Kingdom

For our last full day in Phuket, we decided to sleep in and visit Tiger Kingdom. As soon as we woke up, we got our things together and took a short drive to the attraction. When we arrived, it was completely different from the Tiger Temple Ash and I visited back in December. This place was definitely more touristy and westernized. We did enjoy our time here and would suggest this as a fun activity if you’re in the area. It was very well organized and clean.



Once you walk in, they have several computer kiosks where you select what you want to do that day. You can pick between interacting with their smallest, small, medium, and largest tigers. Each selection allows you 10 minutes of playtime with the selected tiger. You can also select different packages that offer a variety, which reduces the price. They also offer café access, a personal photographer, or feeding during certain hours.



We decided to play with the small group of tigers. We picked the small because the smallest was very crowded and the lady at the desk told us that the smallest tigers were almost the size of the small. It was 900 baht per person. This is a pretty big attraction, so they take cash and credit cards, which is great for traveling!


Once you show your ticket, you enter to an area where all the tigers are. There is a walkway that you can take to see all the different sized tigers. We decided to walk around before we went in to play.




When we found the way to our play area, we showed them our tickets and were given a person to guide us within the cage. There were 6 small tigers with a pool, grassy area, and nap area. During our time, we were able to pet them, rub their tummies, and give them snacks.These tigers have grown up around people and were very warm and friendly.




After enjoying our time with the tigers, we went for an afternoon drive and then ate a small lunch of chicken and rice and chicken sauté.



Before sunset, we stopped for ice cream at a small stand. I ordered vanilla with Nutella and cookie pieces. Kendall got chocolate with cookie pieces.





We decided we wanted to drive around and watch the sunset before getting dinner and heading back to our hotel. The next day we would be traveling back to Bangkok.




It was a great day!


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