Phuket!! Whew we finally made it to somewhere we can unpack and relax a little bit! It feels like we’ve been going non-stop since we began our trip. After spending a day in Bangkok, we have arrived on Phuket, which is a huge island in the southern part of Thailand. We decided to stay at an air bnb in the small town of Kathu! It is beautiful here with mountains everywhere and very tropical.


First, let me give a little spill about this Air BnB. It is a beautiful, almost brand new apartment with the longest swimming pool I’ve ever seen. When we stumbled upon this rental online, we were immediately drawn to the location but more importantly, a motor bike came with it. We are responsible for refueling the bike, but it cost about 1 American dollar to fill up. We have saved an unimaginable amount of money through being able to transport ourselves and not relying on public transportation.

Sorry the room is a mess! There was no time to take pictures when we were as tired as we were.



Like I mentioned earlier, Phuket is a massive island (576 km² or 358 square miles!) so having transportation to get to the many little beach communities has been very helpful. Biggest tip I can give you is to drive on the left side of the road (not in Kansas anymore) and have your head on a swivel.




Our first full day on the island was focused on getting to the beach as quickly as possible. We woke up early, threw on our bathing suits, packed a small backpack of valuables, and hopped on the moped to find Patong Beach. This is one of the most popular and crowded beach areas in Phuket. Before we got to the beach, we grabbed a bite to eat at a place located beside our Air Bnb called, Only Cheese. It was a fondue-style restaurant and we shared a chicken and cheese plate.


After lunch, we found the beach safely and parked our bike right next to the  entrance. We didn’t pack towels, so we stopped in a beach shop to buy two. This was a mistake on our part because the cheapest towels we bought still cost us between 6-7 American dollars.


When we settled down in the sand, we headed straight for the water!









Annoying people are all over the beach selling every touristy thing you can think of such as glasses, drinks, and beach activates. We avoided all but one that roped us into buying some of his peanuts that were covered in some sweet sugar glaze. After trying them, I agreed to buy a small bag.



After lying around for a few hours, we decided to walk around the beach front area for a snack and some tropical drinks. We landed at this little hut right off the beach that offered free WiFi.




After our drinks, we went back out to the beach for a little and then headed back to our place to get ready for dinner and a night downtown.


While driving back into the city, we saw a pizza place that caught our (mostly my) attention, so we stopped and had a good pizza with stuffed crust. We walked around to look at everything and then headed in for the night.



The next morning we woke up and decided to get a massage! It was perfect after all the traveling and lugging our backpacks around. It was a solid hour and I felt like I could go right back to sleep. After, we decided we would check out the pool and relax! The chairs alongside the pool were really comfortable and the pool was really refreshing for the hot day that it was.






When we were done at the pool, we decided to go for a long ride around the island for about 3-4 hours. Along the way we found old town Phuket, a nice park, a soccer game, and the pier we needed to leave from the next day!





Along our long ride we found an absolutely amazing Italian restaurant named Da Sandro! I highly recommend this place based on the staff being very friendly and the food being out of this world delicious. We both got salads, an appetizer, and gnocchi!





Dinner stuffed us and we decided to go on a night ride to see the Kathu waterfall. Unfortunately, it was closed for the night, but it was still a fun ride up the mountain.


We had to be up extra early the following day in order to leave our apartment by 7am to catch the ferry heading to Phi Phi Island. When we arrived back at our place, we called it a night.

Stay tuned for more updates about our trip!

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