Airport Attire

With Spring Break right around the corner, you may find yourself making lists and packing your suitcases! Before you start trying to shove everything in, don’t forget to consider what you’ll be wearing on your day of travel.


There’s no “right” way to dress for a flight because everyone’s circumstances are different. Whether your flight is 2 hours or 15, it’s all about what makes you comfortable. Here are some things to keep in mind when dressing for your day of travel.


It’s better to pick your complete outfit out while you are packing your bags and lay it aside, especially if your flight leaves early in the morning. Make sure you lay out everything from tops to socks and shoes! This will save you a ton of time and keep you from digging to the bottom of your bag searching for something. Don’t forget about packing for your return flight too!


Before you set your outfit aside, check the weather! For example, if you’re living in Miami and flying to Michigan during the month of March, the weather is going to be very different. Don’t show up to the airport in shorts and a t-shirt. Make sure you are dressed for whatever weather mother nature throws at you when you step off the plane. In situations like this, it’s all about wearing layers.


When picking your outfit, remember that you will need to walk through airport security. Most airports will ask you to remove your shoes, so make sure you can easily slip them on and off while moving through line. If you don’t want to walk across the concrete floor in your bare feet, wear socks (matching and hole-less). Also keep in mind that you will have to take off all belts, jackets, and jewelry. If you don’t have to wear these items skip it, because it will make the process for you and those around you a lot smoother.


Keep your seating arrangements in mind. If you’re flying first class or business, your seat will be a little comfier and wider. Whereas, if you’re sitting in economy your seat will be more stiff and narrow (depending on the airline and destination of course). We’ve been on airlines that are so cheap you literally have to crawl to your seat because they’re so crunched together. Maybe reconsider wearing your fluffy parka if you’ll be sitting in the middle of two other people.


When flying internationally, think about the time differences. If you’re flight is scheduled to fly through the night, wear something you’d be comfortable falling asleep in. First class offers you a mini “bed” that will be a lot comfier and easier to sleep on. If you’re sitting in economy, you will have to sleep in your upright chair, so keep that in mind. Taylor and I usually wear sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt when we know we’ll be flying through the night. I also never forget my fuzzy socks for extra coziness!


Also, consider the time you’ll arrive and what time you can check into your hotel. If your flight arrives at 11am and you can’t check in until 3, you’ll need an outfit that is suitable for the plane AND exploring for a few hours (see point #2). Some hotels let you drop your luggage off at the hotel before your room is ready and may have a bathroom for you to quickly change. However, you’ll need to double check on this before you arrive.


Last but not least, prepare for the worst. You never know when bad weather will strike and cause your flight to get delayed or even cancelled. If you’re flying from New York in the middle of January and they’re calling for a massive snow storm, you may want to consider wearing something you’d be comfortable sitting around in for several hours…just in case!

These are just a few things to consider when picking your airport attire. Everyone’s circumstances are unique and different, so you can take this post and customize it to your own needs! Thank’s for reading!






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