Brunch & Coffee

Last Tuesday, Taylor’s classes were cancelled so we decided to head downtown and walk around Charleston. We weren’t expecting it to be as cold it was, so we ended up grabbing brunch at Toast and Coffee from Kudu and then heading home.


The streets were almost empty, but they will be busy in a few weeks once the weather warms up.


If you ever find yourself in downtown Charleston looking for some yummy southern food, you should check out Toast! They are located on Meeting Street, which is within walking distance from all the shops on King Street and tourists attractions. We love how they serve breakfast all day long, because there’s nothing worse than craving some comforting breakfast food during the early afternoon only to find that they stopped serving breakfast an hour ago. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast, they also serve lunch and dinner.

Our waitress pointed out to us that their Deluxe French Toast was featured in the NY Times, “Hailed as a must eat by the New York Times.” Taylor ordered that with the apple topping (they also have peach) and a side of bacon. I ordered their 3 cheese omelet, which came with the largest biscuit I’ve ever seen, grits (I gave to Taylor),  and a side of bacon.

French Toast.jpg


They definitely don’t short you on food here and our waitress was so sweet. We’ll definitely be back for breakfast and we really want to try their lunch menu. If you drive, you will need to either find street parking or use the parking garage. There is a parking lot beside the restaurant, but it is only for the hotel and you will be towed if you park there, so keep that in mind if you decide to drive.

When we were done with our meal, I really wanted to try Kudu’s coffee because Taylor’s roommate told me it’s one of the best coffee shops in Charleston! The inside was rustic and cozy, and I also noticed that they had an enormous outside seating area with string lights dangling above for when it gets darker out. I cannot wait to come here in the summertime!

Taylor.JPGI ordered an iced caramel latte! We really wanted to relax here while we worked, but Kudu didn’t have a single electrical socket. Neither of our computers were fully charged and we didn’t want to start and not finish anything when our computers died. They probably do this so people don’t come and stay there forever?? I’m sure it get’s busy but still, how disappointing.



The latte was super yummy and strong! I go through phases where I like my coffee really sweet and 90% creamer or I like it really strong. Currently, I’m going through the strong phase…extra espresso shots please!


We hope you enjoyed reading this! Let us know if there are any other places in Charleston we should give a try!


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