Date in Atlanta

This past weekend, Taylor went to his annual Athletic Training conference in Atlanta, Georgia with his University. He left early Thursday morning and spent the next two days attending conferences and meeting up with old friends. On Saturday, I drove down and met him so we could spend time exploring the city together. The weather has been chilly lately, but thankfully nothing unbearable. We met around 3:30 and were both pretty hungry so we made a pit stop at Chick-fil-A, where we split chicken tenders and I got a coffee for myself.


When we were finished with our afternoon snack, we walked down the street to the Marta station where we would catch the train. We really wanted to visit the Georgia Aquarium because it’s the number one aquarium on Trip Advisor! They also had a great deal where if you came after 4, tickets were 36% off. What a steal!



When we got off the train, we took the long way to the Aquarium because we wanted to walk through Centennial Park.



FullSizeRender-9 (1).jpg



FullSizeRender-10 (1)

We tried ordering our tickets online before we came to the Aquarium, but unfortunately their system was down, but they said they would honor the discount at the ticketing desk. We did not think that this would be a problem until we saw the line for tickets wrapped around the building!! The wait was projected to take over an hour to even get to the ticketing counter. We didn’t have anything else we wanted to do, so we got in line anyway. After standing in line for who knows how long, we had to get out because we had dinner reservations and didn’t want to be rushed. Overall, we were very disappointed.


Our reservations were at Legal Sea Foods! This is a favorite of ours that is based out of Boston. The last time we ate here was when we visited Boston almost 2 years ago! We started with some drinks and waited for Taylor’s grandma to meet us!




We had an awesome view of the city, which made our time there even more special. I ordered their Maryland cream of crab soup and this was PHENOMENAL…easily the best soup I’ve ever eaten in my life. It was so buttery and creamy with a generous amount of crab.

IMG_2024 (1).jpg


For our meals, Taylor ordered the rainbow trout with a side of sweet potatoes and cheddar cheese grits. I split the seafood casserole with a side of broccoli and cheese with his grandma. I’m so glad we split a meal because I was full after the rolls and soup.




All of our food was amazing as usual. They were pretty busy, but that was probably because it was the week before Valentine’s Day. We capped off the night by enjoying the city lights and then driving back to South Carolina!

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