Teaching English

While we were in China, we were invited to teach English to grade 1 high school students. Before we could go, we had to go to the police station to register that we were in the city. First, they made copies of our passports and visas. Then, they had to write all our information down on paper in Chinese because they didn’t’ have a computer system.



The process didn’t take long and we were on our way! The high school was another three hour bus ride and this one was just as unique as the last. Most people in China ship things through the bus system. They will pack on their items and the bus driver will deliver it wherever they ask for a certain price. On our ride, someone stacked 8 metal boxes of tofu, a box of fish, and several bags of vegetables. This is completely normal.





You can smoke wherever and whenever you want in China. Clean air is something we were taking for granted here in America because every time we got on a bus, several people would smoke. At one point, everyone on our bus started smoking and it was awful.


We were spending the night in this town, so we took our stuff to an apartment and had a quick snack before heading to the school.





Most students don’t live close enough to the school to commute everyday so they live on the campus. Classes start early in the morning and do not end until 11:30pm. Chinese students can only continue their education if they excel at school and make certain grades. They all attend elementary school, but once they hit middle school, they have to succeed. Most students do not make it past middle school and are forced to find a job or attend a technical school. The same process applies to high school students. If a student does not succeed academically, the only way they can continue their education is if they are athletically inclined.


The english class we were teaching was only for the students who had the best english. We spent the hour teaching them all about Christmas by giving them vocabulary words and fun games.


They were all super sweet and really welcoming! We all had the best time learning about Christmas!

The following day, we came back to the school to take some students to lunch for their break. There is usually around 10 kids that come, but this day there were around 20.



We took up 2 of these large tables and ate so much food while making great friends!




Then began another journey back to Caitlyn’s apartment.


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