Arriving in Bangkok

We made it!! After a 14 hour flight from Newark, New Jersey to Beijing, China, then 5 hours from Beijing to Bangkok we have successfully made it to Thailand.




We left bright and early from Pennsylvania at 6am in order to be at the airport by 9. With international travel, they recommend being there 3 hours before your flight in order to get through baggage and security. We flew economy with Air China and although it was long, we made friends on the plane, the food wasn’t awful, and the flight went smoothly.

We were supposed to have a 5 hour layover in Beijing, but our flight was delayed and it ended up being around 7 hours. We walked around to stretch our legs, exchanged currency, and went to a Pizza Hut to satisfy Taylor’s unending love for pizza.


We would be arriving in Bangkok at 1:30am their time so we wanted to refrain from sleeping at the airport so that we would fall asleep at the hotel. Little did we know that it would take 1 hour to get through customs and security. IT WAS SO HARD TO STAY AWAKE. We took a taxi straight to our hotel and it cost us $13.89 in USD. Thankfully it paid off and we knocked out as soon as we arrived at the hotel.


When planning our trip, we didn’t schedule anything for Saturday because we knew we would be exhausted. I’m so glad we assumed this because we slept for 9 hours and then decided to go to the pool. There was a Starbucks next to our hotel so of course I got some before we set out for the day. My normal Grande Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte only cost me $3.75 in U.S. Dollars.


image1 (1).JPG

Around 4pm we hopped aboard the sky train and headed to the Grand Palace. Once we got off the train we loaded onto a Long Tail boat which would take us up and down the river. Unfortunately, the Grand Palace was closed when we got there, but it was really fun to ride up and down the river. The boat cost 14 Baht which is equal to 75 cents in American dollars for the both of us.

















When our ride was over, we decided to stop at some malls to check our their local shopping and then get some dinner. After looking at all the menus, we finally decided to eat at the White Flower Factory. It was super yummy! They had a mix of Thai and European foods.



Taylor ordered an Apple/Kiwi smoothie and I had a Mango one. They were so fresh and delicious!

After our garlic bread appetizer I had a pesto fettuccine with salmon and Taylor ordered salmon and rice. Our meal cost us $19.73 in USD.






After dinner we walked through a local market and then headed back to the hotel for the night. It only cost us $3.05 round trip for the both of us to get to and from all our adventures on the Sky Train.


We have a BIG day planned for tomorrow and we need some rest.

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