San Francisco

After spending an amazing few days in Yosemite, we all headed back to San Francisco to see what the city had to offer. We were up extra early because we had a tour of Alcatraz scheduled. For those of you who don’t know what Alcatraz is, it’s a teeny tiny island off the bay that served the army by holding a military prison as a maximum-security federal penitentiary. Although not still occupied today, they use the deserted island as a national parkland.

This is a very highly anticipated attraction so if you’re planning on visiting during peak season, I’d recommend making a reservation. You have to take a boat to the island and they can only hold so many people. I hear summer reservations fill up instantly. If you’re brave enough, they also offer night tours.

This is the amazing few of the city from Alcatraz. You can choose to do a self-guided tour or you can do an audio tour. We decided the audio tour would be best since we really didn’t know much about the prison. It’s actually terrifying walking through a deserted prison, but a really great experience non the less. I don’t think you could pay me enough to walk through at night…







After we finished up our tour we decided to go see the famous Golden Gate Bridge.


There are several different car pull offs where you can stop and take pictures, each offering a different view.




Before we all headed back to our hotel, we needed some ice cream. We visited Ghiradelli’s ice cream shop and it was DIVINE. We actually went two or three times total because it was so yummy.

Looking extra sleepy this day.

We started our next day by taking a duck tour. If you have never experienced a duck tour, you’re missing out! You start by driving around the city and then eventually the vehicle forms into a boat when you enter water….hence the name. I’ve experienced a few and they’re always a blast, especially as a group!

Our duck tour started and ended at AT&T Park…home of the San Francisco Giants!

It’s always fun to see behind the scenes at different stadiums, and when you have access to the field, even better!



The Giant’s stadium is really unique because it sits on the water! Any home runs send the balls straight into the water, which would be a really cool experience.



 For lunch, we visited Little Italy and all ordered delicious slices of pizza. Since this was our last day, we all split up and did whatever we really wanted to do.
11214169_921268184596699_805191206601888058_nWe ended the day with a California staple. 🙂 To read about the first half of our trip to Yosemite click here.

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